Cyber Training Bulletin  –  November and December

Cyber Training Bulletin November and December


CSD Cyber Defense Education and Training (CDET) Offerings

Highlights: What You Want to Know

  • CISA will host the 200th Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity (301L) course on November 7th! This is a four-day, instructor-led, hands-on lab that is taught at a training facility in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. This course has a full day capstone activity dedicated to a Red Team versus Blue Team exercise. To register, please visit
  • A new category has been added to FedVTE under the Cybersecurity Courses called Non-Technical Cybersecurity. Some new courses that fall into this category include Cloud Monitoring, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity Investigations. To see the full list of available courses in this category, visit
  • CISA now offers a new Analysis of a Cyber Incident course on FedVTE. This three-module course teaches the beginner analyst how to develop the analytical skills and capabilities needed to handle a potential cyber incident — from analysis to reporting findings. This course is available to federal employees. For a full list of available courses on FedVTE for federal employees, please see the course catalog. For courses available to the public, please visit
  • In November and December, U.S. Executive Branch employees and contractors can participate in numerous CDM Dashboard courses, including the new CDM and Federal Mandates- Featuring how to use the CDM Dashboard to enable automated BOD-22-01 Reporting course. This course presents information regarding current Federal cybersecurity directives, mandates, and policies, and how they can be supported by the CDM Agency Dashboard. Featured prominently will be details on how to use the CDM Dashboard to enable automated BOD-22-01 Reporting.


Incident Response Training

We offer no-cost cybersecurity incident response training for government employees and contractors across federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government, as well as educational and critical infrastructure partners. Course types include Awareness Webinars and Cyber Range Training. These courses provide valuable learning opportunities for everyone from cyber newbies to veteran cybersecurity engineers.

To learn more or register visit: Incident Response Training | CISA


Industrial Control Systems (ICS) 

We offer free, virtual ICS trainings geared toward Critical Infrastructure owners and operators. The trainings are designed to reduce cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure and encourage cooperation between CISA and the private sector. Trainings vary in length and run from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST (10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST). All trainings are conducted through Online Training or CISA Virtual Learning Portal (VLP), with the exception of the three-day, in-person pilot course at Idaho National Labs (INL) in Idaho Falls, ID.

To learn more or sign up, visit: