DCL Mooring and Rigging

DCL Mooring & Rigging is a leading supplier to domestic and international customers in the marine, construction, industrial and oil and gas industries, supplying a variety of lifting, mooring and inspection products and services.  DCL was established in 1945 and is based in New Orleans.

DCL offers a broad line of anchors, anchor chain, links, swivels & fittings hardware, deck & dock fittings, buoys, fenders, river ratchets, and testing services. DCL also fabricates all sizes of wire and synthetic rope slings for heavy lift applications. With wire rope swage capabilities up to 4 ½ inch sleeve diameter, serving as an authorized Slingmax-Twinpath fabricator and with complete round and nylon sling fabrication in-house, DCL can meet any lift requirement. DCL provides onsite and offsite inspection and proof-testing of wire rope, slings and hardware. These services are supported by inventory management, RFID tagging, NDT services & warehousing capabilities to manage your rigging assets and to keep you compliant.

DCL represents Tangent Technologies, the leading manufacturer of composite plastic lumber in the marine industry. Tangent is a major supplier to ports and marine terminal operators for their fendering needs.

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DCL Mooring & Rigging
Ryan Maia
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New Orleans, LA 70117
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