Design Nine

Design Nine, Inc., a railroad consultant firm celebrating their 30th year anniversary, has worked with Class 1 Railroads  UPRR, BNSF, KCS, NS, CSX and CN; shortline and regional railroads TRRA, IAIS, Omnitrax, LIRC and INRD; various port authorities; several state department of transportation agencies; and countless industries nationwide since 1986.

Design Nine offers their clients a complete range of railroad related design services based on the experience of their firm's engineers, their knowledge of applicable American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association recommendations, Federal Railway Administration Track Safety Standards, and the belief that railroad facilities should be serviceable and economical to build and maintain. Services offered by Design Nine include design, inspection, rating and analysis of railroad bridges; feasibility studies, design, layout, opinion of probable cost estimates and specifications for track construction and rehabilitation, auto handling and intermodal facilities, lead tracks, switching yards, rail connections and industrial tracks; with project services including construction inspection, monitoring, coordination and quality control.

Design Nine, Inc.'s services have not been limited to the railroad companies. Their engineering staff has provided railroad engineering design services for spur tracks, lead tracks, loop tracks, plant layouts, plant expansions, plant renovations, track and bridge inspections, and evaluations for numerous large industrial companies and governmental entities.

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