Developing an Inland Port

Developing an inland port? It's all about Planning

We must create a Long-Term Vision using a Short Step Approach.

That includes

  • Strategic Planning: Goal Based
    • Develop the vision adopted by the port leadership that outlines the mission, goals, milestones and timelines.
    • Compare to potential business opportunities using the SWOT ANALYSIS
    • Prepare the Plan and STICK TO IT. Celebrate achievements, large or small.
  • Master Planning: Infrastructure Based
    • Perform survey of facilities and equipment
    • Determine what infrastructure is needed to achieve strategic plan
    • Secure funding
  • Transportation and Logistics Planning: Operational and Tactical Based
    • Review data and trends
    • Peer -to-Peer conversations. What works and doesn’t work.

Resources available through IRPT

  • Using the IRPT Map, we communicate with shippers and recommend an IRPT Port / Terminal Member in their destination city;
  • We offer peer to peer discussions to collaborate on solutions;
  • We coordinate Team building including IRPT Member service providers for specific projects;
  • Most importantly, we offer the Annual conference where so much happens!

Additional IRPT Resources Include:

  • IRPT Mobile App;
  • Legislation monitoring;
  • Career opportunity listings;
  • Federal Register announcements;
  • Navigation notices;
  • IRPT Hosted Webinars;
  • Member and Industry News alerts;
  • Social and Networking Opportunities;
  • Advertising Opportunities;
  • Annual Conference (Biloxi: October 18-20, 2021)