World Domes


World Domes domes are built the highest engineering standards of our day. Because of the abuse a dome will take over its 30-50+ year life-cycle it must be designed to the unforeseen stresses and loads that may be placed upon it.

Over the last two-plus decades World Domes has designed and constructed monolithic concrete domes for bulk storage worldwide. Whether a dome is storing a heavy material like iron ore, cement powder or clinker, or a lighter product like wood pellets or some fertilizers, each dome is unique in its geometry, location and bulk material properties stored. World Domes' world-class experience includes constructing insulated, reinforced concrete domes while applying ACI and Eurocode engineering with varying seismic, wind and differential loads on 5 continents, a majority of states in the USA for the mining, biomass and cogeneration power, agricultural and cement industries. Many of those reinforced concrete domes are built near rivers, oceans or areas with poor soil characteristics.

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World Domes

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