Dredge Schedule Update 21 December 2022

Dredge Update as follows:

Dredge Goetz completed work at mile 167 and has demobilized in preparation of upcoming dry dock.

Dredge Potter completed work above and below the JB Bridge and a small assignment at mile 137 UMR. The Potter is returning to the St. Louis Service Base and will stand down due to the inclement weather starting tomorrow. The Potter will resume operations on Monday at mile 181 – 182 UMR.

The Dredge Hurley completed work above Chester at mile 110, and 113 UMR. The Dredge Hurley is at mile 47 UMR, making repairs to the pontoon pipeline. Potentially could be complete with repairs mid day on Thursday. Day light 12 hour closures, 0600-1800 daily, at mile 47 to perform safe and efficient dredging operations are requested to start on Friday morning at 0600. Estimated to be complete on Wednesday, 28 December. Next locations will be in the Thebes area, mile 44 – 38. A survey for this reach is being performed today to verify current conditions, what is on the schedule may change.

The Pathfinder performed a Lower Channel Patrol this week, St. Louis to Cairo.

Controlling Depths from the attached dredge schedule:

Mile 173 UMR, 11.7-ft at LWRP, or 9.8-ft at -5.1 St. Louis.

Mile 129 UMR, 12.1-ft at LWRP, or 9.7-ft at -2.3 Chester (I think this should be 10.2-ft of depth based on LWRP values, we lost the Brickey’s gage and I believe this is impacting the calculation shown on the schedule)

Mile 47 UMR, 10.8-ft at LWRP, or 9.3-ft at 4.1 Cape Girardeau

Updated dredge schedule using the St Louis District 28 day forecast. Mile 154.7 UMR, was not dredged, the last three line survey showed this area had improved.