Dredging – Downstream of Olmsted – ORM 972-973 Closures

Navigation Notice # 2023-042 dated August 31, 2023

Notice is given that there will be two 12-hour river closures to allow the safe and efficient performance of maintenance dredging at Ohio River Mile 972-973.

The river will be closed at this location during the following approximate times, though the start time may vary by a couple hours:
o Approximately 1900 CT on 05 September 2023 - 0700 CT on 06 September 2023
o The queue will be cleared after the first closure, and then a second 12-hour closure will begin on 06 September 2023 as soon as the queue is cleared.

Contact the Dredge Bill Holman for passing instructions on marine channel 13. Once contact has been made with the Dredge Bill Holman, proceed at the slowest safe speed.

The contractor’s floating plant will consist of the Dredge Bill Holman, M/V’s LENARD and BUDDY, and the ROBERT T, one shop barge, one spill barge, and floating pipeline sections. The Dredge Bill Holman, M/V’s LENARD and BUDDY will be monitoring marine channel 13.


Shawn Kenney
Chief, Technical Support Branch