DREDGING Houston Ship Channel, Texas Redfish to Beacon 78 and Bayport Flare, Chambers County, TX

Notice Number: 206325-1/206325-1_206325_NTN-03_HS_2024-03
Date: 03/21/2024 05:00 thru 04/24/2024 05:00

Hopper Dredge Galveston Island (contractor, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. "GLDD") is dredging in the Houston Ship Channel. The dredge will work from stations 57+000 to 78+844, between G-LT-61/G-LT-53 (contract sections 12-16), and Station 28+604 to Station 35+000, between G-LT-73/G-LT-75 (contract sections 6-7) of the HSC. The Hopper Dredge

Galveston Island and crew boats Sun Ray and Ohio River will be used in/around this work area. Dredge material will be placed in ODMDS Zones D & F in the Gulf of Mexico. Expected completion date of April 24, 2024.

Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made.
Communication is to be accomplished via VHF Channels listed below. The Traffic Center guards Channel 13 on a 24-hour basis. Respective dredge(s) should be contacted for coordination of passing and movement near operations.

  • Hopper Dredge “Galveston Island” Marine VHF Channels 12 monitoring 11 & 13
  • Survey Boat/Crew Boat “Sun Ray” Marine VHF Channels 12 monitoring 11 & 13
  • Survey Boat/Crew Boat “Ohio River” Marine VHF Channels 12 monitoring 11 & 13


Kinman, Belynda M, Deputy Chief, Operations Division