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IAMPE Inland Port Manager / Executive Class - Memphis, TN
 September 19-23, 2022

The Inland Maritime Port Manager and Executive (IMPM-IMPE) seminar is the premier professional development program for brown water port executives. The IMPM-IMPE program is the first of its kind program specifically designed around the needs and demands of river ports. The IMPE is based on the Maritime Port Management and Executive program which is tailored toward coastal ports. The IMPE program has been developed in conjunction with Inland Rivers, Ports, and Terminals (IRPT) and their Education Committee.

Topics covered in the program include an overview of the brown-water transportation industry, current industry trends, port governance, port finance, port operations, safety and security, and more – all how they specifically relate to the needs of brown-water ports.

Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE, IMPE

University of Memphis

Physical address
Room: FIT 225 | Address: 365 Innovation Drive Memphis, TN 28152