Rail Training (RTC)

Organization: Rail Training & Consulting, Inc (RTC) is your railroad’s solution for safety and compliance. Our professional training, documentation and compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) may result in lower accident rates and non-compliance penalties. RTC specializes in increasing the safety and productivity of your rail operation. The RTC team is fluent in practical rail operations and has extensive rail management experience, and produces proven and measurable results. RTC believes in developing partnerships with our clients in order to develop a safe, efficient and regulation-compliant railroad operation.


  • Development of site-specific Rail Safety and Operational Procedures Manual
  • Basic Rail Transportation Safety and Operational Training, including written examinations
  • Locomotive and Car Pusher Operator Certification for employees with or without previous equipment experience
  • Certification extending to full Federal Railroad Administration Locomotive Engineer and Conductor
  • Follow up proficiency testing and periodic training
  • Documentation of all training and certification records
  • Freight Car repair and maintenance training program
  • Locomotive operation and maintenance consulting
  • Track inspection consulting


  • Web-based training on rail safety procedures specific to your rail operations
  • Procedures, training material and exam questions are kept current and relevant by experienced railroad professionals
  • New students have time to learn and understand rail environment prior to stepping into the rail yard
  • Secure logins allow for use wherever an internet connection is present
  • Also maintain other company procedure, policy or industry manuals

Fee Schedule:

On-Site Training: $650 per day per instructor
On-Site Consulting: $650 per day per consultant
Off-Site Class/Manual/Policy Prep: $650 per day per consultant/instructor
Customized OP Manual: $2,000
LogiTracCBT:$300 per year per employee ($3,000 annual minimum)
Evaluation Program & Safety Policy: $500.00
Student Fees: $75 per new student
Per Diem: $65 per day per instructor

**Instructor travel expenses will also be billed to customer including, but not limited to, instructor travel day(s) – {charged

$325 for up to 3 hours travel time and $650 for 4+ hours travel time}, lodging, airfare, rental car, fuel, and personal mileage.

Contact Information:

Sarah Lynne Howie, Director of Operations. slhowie@poweredbyRTC.com Office: 864-501-0808 Cell: 864-918-5906 Website: www.poweredbyRTC.com