Engineer/Conductor (Gadsden, AL)

Engineer/Conductor (Gadsden, AL)


The Engineer/Conductor oversees the train, freight, and crew: operates track switches, couples, and uncouples cars and places cars to facilitate loading and unloading, places cars and engines in rail yards and on the main railroad; operates trains safely by complying with operating rules and train handling policies to transport freight in a satisfactory manner.  Executes the mechanical operation of the train, train speed, and handling.  Ensures clear communication with dispatcher and track authority; receives, relays, or acts upon oral, written, or radio instructions from dispatcher, yardmaster or other personnel indicating the switch movement, placement, or delivery of railroad cars and/or a train.  Performs work safely, effectively, and efficiently in accordance with company policies and procedures and Federal Railroad Association rules and regulations to meet company objectives.


The Locomotive Engineer/Conductor demonstrates and adheres to the company values of: safety, honesty, ownership, respect, and teamwork to ensure successful partnerships with customers and employees that result in OmniTRAX’s continued success.


  • Ensure compliance with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operation, and the FRA
  • Move trains safely in the yards and over roads
  • Manipulate throttle and brake controls; interprets gauges and controls
  • Operate valves and switches both inside and outside of the cab, including applying and releasing handbrakes
  • Operate track switches, inspect equipment on cars and use radio communications to control train movement
  • Assist and instruct train crews to couple and uncouple cars, operate switches, and make minor repairs to railcars: including replacing heavy couplings or air brake hoses
  • Maintain awareness of surrounding area and suspicious activity to ensure rail safety
  • Review instructions from Trainmaster and discuss with train crew
  • Coordinate execution of railcar switch list
  • Communicate with other parties in the yard using proper hand signals and/or radio communication protocol
  • Adhere to directions from conductors and brakemen
  • Conduct the movement of rail cars and train movements; signal crew member(s) for movement of the engine or train using lantern, hand and flag signals, or radio to indicate when to start, stop, and back-up or set and release air brakes
  • Observe, interpret, and relay arm, lantern, or radio signals and all other indications affecting movement of a train
  • Operate track switches (visually checks switch condition and direction) to change the direction of the engine or cars within yard limits or on the main railroad; may apply or release hand brakes to switch or perform other duties
  • Read and understand the book of rules, timetables, bulletins, train orders, waybills, placards, safety instructions, and other written or printed material
  • Prepare required daily reports, switch lists (manually or with a computer), and fill out forms including train orders
  • Inspect the condition of the train and equipment in movement and while stationary
  • May couple air and electrical connections between locomotives when making up trains
  • Judge speed and distance of moving objects or parts
  • Recall information required from work activity

With a comprehensive network of managed railroads that has paced the growth of one of North America’s largest and fastest growing private railroad and transportation management companies, OmniTRAX knows that railroading is the heartbeat of American commerce. A steady shipping heartbeat is the key to healthy supply chains and with a coast-to-coast network of railroads, OmniTRAX is ready to serve your business.

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