Engineering (Missouri)

Missouri Department of Transportation is accepting applications in their Engineering Department across the State. Engineers aren't limited to just one job at the Missouri Department of Transportation.

MoDOT provides challenges in the areas of bridge, design, construction, materials, traffic, planning, maintenance, and research.  You choose the career path that works for you, working in one field or getting experience in several.  Career opportunities are available no matter which route you choose.

Positions are available at the Central Office in Jefferson City and in the district offices around the state.  Districts range from the urban environments of St. Louis and Kansas City to the more rural settings of Hannibal and St. Joseph.

Missouri has the seventh largest transportation system in the country and MoDOT projects are varied.  Entry-level engineering positions require a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from an ABET-accredited college or university curriculum.  Advancement to management positions requires registration as a professional engineer.

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