Evansville Marine Service

Serving the Ohio River

Evansville Marine Service, Inc. is committed to providing efficient, reliable and responsible marine services to all of its internal and external customers, while placing safety first. A team of qualified employees assure excellence in its performance, accomplished with the safety of people, property, and the environment in the forefront of all activity. Our success is measured by the customers’ satisfaction and becoming the industry’s partner of choice.

EMS also offers:

  • Fleeting: Insured and permitted fleeting areas to accommodate any number of any sized vessels for any duration of stay.
  • Barge prep: Three permitted barge-washing facilities that can sweep, reset, close, stack, or otherwise prepare barges.
  • Dry dock and repair: Three dry docks and multiple repair stations that allow us to renew and refurbish your barges or small to mid-sized pushboats.
  • Crane Service: Twelve floating material-handling and lift cranes with conveyor systems of various sizes, that can transfer, load, and unload anything.
  • Terminal Operations: The resources and experience to help design, man, and operate dedicated facilities 24 hours per day.
  • Marine Construction: A fleet of floating cranes that serve as a platform for maintenance and construction of various waterway projects.
  • Consulting: Allow our experience with nearly every barge line and harbor service on the inland waterway and every terminal operation on the Ohio River to enhance your next intermodal or marine project.
  • Towing: We have available four line haul vessels for hire. We are ready to meet your towing needs on the Green, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland River.
  • Deckhand Training: We sponsor the Deckhand Training Program for the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Academy located in Morganfield, KY. We are successfully training individuals to enter the inland river towing industry as a Deckhand.
  • Shifting: Twenty plus boats strategically located at each of our service areas to fully meet your switching and towing needs

Please learn more here or contact IRPT Member:

Evansville Marine Services, Inc.
Robert Aldrich, President
Post Office Box 6048
Evansville, IN 47719
(812) 424-9278