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2023 Port Grants Economics Roundtable Seminar

December 12, 2023 @ 8:00 am - December 13, 2023 @ 5:00 pm CST

Purpose of the Meeting 

Over the past few years, many ports in the region have discussed they are confused about the use of  benefit-cost analysis for various grant programs. After seeing several of the NOAA Economic courses and  reviewing both the MARAD Port Toolkit, the DOT Benefit-Cost Analysis, various NOFOwebinars, etc., and  USACE Planning Materials, there seems to be a need for an integrated program that discusses the nexus  among these agencies to assist in port/waterfront development.  


  • The meeting will be held Tuesday, December 12, and Wednesday, December 13.  
  • Visits to the 5 lower Mississippi Ports may be arranged direct with them directly either on  Monday, December 11 or Thursday, December 14.  

Location and Logistics 

  • The seminar will be held at the Port of South Louisiana’s new headquarters. (Port of South Louisiana (portsl.com) There is plenty of space, with an excellent view of the river. 
  • Lodging will be on your own. While there are some hotels in LaPlace and by the New Orleans  Airport, people will be responsible for travel to and from the conference.  

Registration Costs 

  • There will be no cost to register for the Seminar, but space will be limited to 75 participants.  
  • At this point, MARAD is not providing any financial support for travel, registration, etc., beyond  staff travel time, etc. 


  • Limiting the seminar to 75 participants at this time. We will review this once we have a good  working count, including speakers, observers, etc.  
  • Invitations going out to PAL (Ports Association of Louisiana), GPA (Gulf Ports Association), and all  MARAD/DOT/USACE/NOAA contacts as needed.

Ports Economic Roundtable Seminar – v.November 13, 2023 Page 1 of


MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2023: Travel day and optional tour of Port of Greater Baton Rouge Container  on Barge Facilities (tour leaving Port of South Louisiana at 12:00 PM).  

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2023: Starting at 8:30 AM, Full day. 

Port of South Louisiana HQ Conference Room (3rd Floor) 

1720 LA Highway 44 | Reserve, Louisiana 70084

Time  Topic  Speaker  Session Goal  Location/Food
8:30 – 9:00 Registration HQ 



9:00 – 9:10  Welcome  – Paul Matthews  Outline how to discuss  Grants and why economic  evaluation is critical to an  application. HQ
9:10 – 10:00  Grants Overview  – Molly Bourgoyne – Jeff Flumignan Grants overview  HQ
10:00 – 12:00  NOAA Guide to  

Economic Evaluation  (breaks will be built  in)

– Kate Quigley 

– Travis Grout 

– Polina Dineva

Outline how different  economic tools can be  used to evaluate different  outcomes  HQ 

*breaks built in

12:00 – 1:00  Lunch Keynote: 

MARAD Executive  Leader (pending)

Discuss the history of the program, use of CBA,  challenges from an operational perspective, and  project review. Guesthouse 


1:00 – 2:15  DOT-MARAD Grant  Programs and CBA – Darren Timothy – Ryan Endorf 

– Bruce Lambert

Grant programs for ports  at DOT  HQ
2:15 – 2:30  Break  HQ 


2:30 – 4:00  USACE Inland  

Navigation Benefits  to the Nation

– PJ Donovan 

(Center of Expertise)

USACE inland navigation  economic planning update  process HQ
4:00 – 5:00  Townhall  


Commonality of  

Agency Grant  


Molly Bourgoyne  (facilitator) 

Panel of Presenters – Bruce Lambert 

– Drew Heaphy 

– Shawn Komlos

Break down of agency  grants by type of facility,  need, etc. 

Get feedback.  

Find gaps. 


Notes Taken (PC)


Ports Economic Roundtable Seminar – v.November 13, 2023 Page 2 of

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2023: Starting at 8:30 AM, Full day.  

Port of South Louisiana HQ Conference Room (3rd Floor) 

1720 LA Highway 44 | Reserve, Louisiana 70084

Time  Topic  Speaker  Session Goal  Location/Food
8:30 – 9:00  Registration  HQ 



Commonality of  Grant Agency  


– Molly Bourgoyne – Bruce Lambert Overview of yesterday’s  findings
9:00 – 10:00  Waterborn  

Commerce Statistics  Center:  


Resource Tutorial

– Amy Tujague  USACE datasets and their  availability 

How to collect the data 

10:00 – 10:15  Break  HQ 


10:15 – 12:15  Cargo & Navigation  Forecast & Benefit:  Cost Analysis  – Ryan Endorf  

– Darren Timothy  – PJ Donovan 

– Shawn Komlos

Town Hall (Panel) 

Vessel draft and benefits of  vessel 


Interactive discourse on  forecasts & business case

12:30 – 1:30  Lunch Keynote: 

Dr. Stephen Barnes 

Economist for Louisiana Port Priority Program  Guesthouse
“Case Studies”– What’s hot, buzz words that make descriptions pop. How to know what to write about;  what are the key topics to make grants successful? What kicks a grant out of the running?
1:30 – 2:30  Case Study: 

Sea Level Rise  


– Kate Quigley 

– Polina Dineva 

– Charles Tillosten

How to estimate sea level rise  HQ
2:30 – 3:30  Case Study: 

Mode Shift  


– Darren Timothy 

– Bruce Lambert 

– Ryan Endorf

Marine highway, rail spurs,  quantification in BCA  HQ
3:30 – 4:30  General Grant  


Keywords, Hot/ 

Not words,  




– Peter Simons 

– Katie Lintz 

– Tracey Ford) 

Port Grant Writers: – Drew Heaphy (St. Bernard) – Chambrel Riley (PorSL) – Tony Avett (Port NOLA)

Town Hall Discussion HQ
4:30 – 5:00  Closing Remarks  – Paul Matthews  HQ


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2023: Travel and optional tour of Port of New Orleans (meet at Port of New  Orleans at 9:00 AM). 


December 12, 2023 @ 8:00 am CST
December 13, 2023 @ 5:00 pm CST