Experienced Marine and Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic (St. Louis, Missouri)

Experienced Marine and Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic (St. Louis, Missouri)

Massman Construction Co.

The Marine and Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic has a critical role focused on the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of heavy machinery and equipment used in marine and heavy construction environments. This position ensures that all machinery, including earthmovers, cranes, forklifts, and other specialized equipment, is in optimal working condition to support the company's operations. The mechanic will work in a warehouse and yard settings, where they will troubleshoot and fix issues, conduct regular service and maintenance, and prepare equipment for use in construction projects.


Key Responsibilities

Routine: Perform routine maintenance on equipment such as oil changes, lubrication, and filter replacements to prevent breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan. Test machinery and equipment to ensure it operates efficiently and safely before being deployed to construction sites.

Inspection: Inspect, diagnose, and repair mechanical issues in heavy construction and marine equipment, including diesel engines, hydraulic systems, and electrical components. Maintain accurate records of maintenance work, repairs, and parts inventory.

Equipment Maintenance: Maintain and perform routine checks on equipment, ensuring that it operates safely and efficiently. Report any equipment issues for prompt maintenance or replacement.

Material Handling: Handle and transport heavy metal materials, tools, and equipment in a safe manner, often in challenging outdoor environments.

Safety Compliance: Adhere to all safety regulations, protocols, and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment for yourself and your colleagues.

Collaboration: Work closely with other marine construction professionals, such as carpenters, boat captains, engineers, and supervisors, to coordinate maintenance, restoration, repairs, and maintenance activities and contribute to project success.

Train: Train and guide junior mechanics and support staff in equipment maintenance procedures and safety protocols. Stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques in heavy equipment repair and maintenance.

Minimum Requirements

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required. Additional vocational training in diesel mechanics or heavy equipment maintenance is preferred.

Mechanical Skills: Strong understanding of diesel engines, hydraulics, electronics, and diagnostic systems.

Experience: A minimum of 3-5 years of hands-on experience in repairing and maintaining heavy construction and marine equipment is advantageous.

Physical Fitness: Good physical condition and the ability to work in physically demanding and often adverse weather conditions are essential.

Safety Awareness: Strong awareness of safety procedures, including knowledge of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the ability to respond to emergency situations. Familiarity with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations related to construction equipment.

Adaptability: Flexibility to work in various outdoor environments. Willingness to undergo further training and certification as required by the employer or industry standards.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to perform physically demanding tasks such as lifting, bending, and standing for long periods.
  • Stamina to work long hours in various weather and physically demanding conditions.
  • Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity to handle tools and parts with precision.
  • Comfort with working at heights and in confined spaces.
  • Ability to operate heavy machinery for diagnostic purposes.
  • Must be able to safely lift at least 50 pounds without assistance.
  • Good vision and hearing are necessary for safety and precision in the job.

This job description outlines the fundamental expectations for a marine and heavy construction equipment warehouse (yard) Mechanic. Additional requirements may depend on the nature of the project, the complexity of the equipment, and the geographic location.


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