Federal Railroad Administration (FRA): Regulations Governing Brake Inspections, Tests, and Equipment

Federal Register (full link below)

FRA is revising its regulations governing brake inspections, tests, and equipment. The changes include the incorporation of relief from various provisions provided in long-standing waivers related to single car air brake tests, end-of-train devices, helper service, and brake maintenance. FRA is also extending the time that freight rail equipment can be “off-air” before requiring a new brake inspection. In addition, FRA is making various modifications to the existing brake-related regulations to improve clarity and remove outdated or unnecessary provisions. FRA expects the revisions will benefit railroads and the public by reducing unnecessary costs, creating consistency between U.S. and Canadian regulations, and incorporating the use of newer technologies demonstrated to maintain or increase safety. The rule will reduce the overall regulatory burden on railroads.

This final rule is effective December 11, 2020.

Please access more information using the link below:

Federal Register: Miscellaneous Amendments to Brake System Safety Standards and Codification of Waivers