FHWA Talking Freight Webinar: Trending Research in Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics



Description and Presentations: Freight transportation planning and logistics have continued to evolve in recent years as many organizations are placing increased emphasis on understanding the dynamics behind freight movements to better grasp when and where they take place.  Some research has focused on freight and land use, based on the realization that certain types of land uses generate greater volumes or frequencies of freight movements.  Other initiatives have emphasized freight modeling, to better comprehend how freight shipments use the transportation network and how such models can be utilized by public sector agencies.  Still other efforts have examined truck activities within a given geographic area, to allow organizations studying their area to better understand truck flows to, from, within, and through the study area.  All of these initiatives have the potential to become more widely utilized by various transportation organizations in the coming years.

This webinar will discuss current freight transportation planning and logistics research initiatives and how these projects are enhancing transportation organizations’ freight transportation planning and analysis efforts.

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