Fletcher & Sippel, LLC

Fletcher & Sippel, Legal Expertise in the Rail Industry

Fletcher & Sippel LLC is based in Chicago, the rail hub of America. Our practice is concentrated on serving clients that are involved in the transportation industry, with a focus on the rail industry. Our clients include railroads, operators, government agencies, suppliers, lessors, lessees, manufacturers, private equity groups, banks, motor carriers, and a host of others.

We have experienced business counselors, transaction practitioners, trial attorneys, regulatory counsel and labor negotiators. We deal comprehensively with the business of our transportation clients, whether it be structuring acquisitions, counseling operating and marketing officers or litigating injury and commercial claims.

At Fletcher & Sippel, we face the crucible of litigation daily, from the most routine personal injury claims to high-stakes commercial litigation. Our litigators routinely take personal injury and commercial cases to trial and obtain successful verdicts. We are on the cutting edge of developing new legal theories, and many of the reported cases in which we represented clients have become established legal precedent. Fletcher & Sippel actively trains new litigators through enrollment at the trial advocacy school sponsored by the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.


Regulatory Areas include:

+ STB Matters
+ Common Carriage Issues
+ Contract Issues and the Business of Railroading
+ Federal Railroad Administration
+ Railroad Retirement Board
+ State Regulators


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