Florida: Cape Canaveral Space Operations

1. Space Launch Operations which may be hazardous to surface vessels will be conducted within portions of Warning Areas: W497A, W497B and the following Hazard Areas for U.S. Space Force Eastern Range OP X1626 Falcon Heavy VIASAT 3.1
A: 28-39-13.97N 080-37-50.93W

To 28-41N 080-05W

To 28-42N 079-11W

To 28-38N 079-10W

To 28-33-07.80N 080-33-56.58W to beginning

B: From 2846N 076-13W

To 28-57N 072-47W

To 28-49N 071-24W

To 28-42N 071-27W

To 28-35N 072-45W

To 28-43N 076-12W to beginning

C: From 28-30N 064-08W

To 28-37N 061-14W

To 28-11N 059-31W

To 27-58N 059-40W

To 27-53N 061-31W

To 28-23N 064-07W to beginning

2. Hazard periods for primary launch day and backup launch days (all times are represented as Zulu time unless otherwise indicated):

30/2324 APR 2023 TO 01/0118 MAY 2023. Preferred T-0 2329Z

01/2324 MAY 2023 TO 02/0118 MAY 2023. Preferred T-0 2329Z

02/2324 MAY 2023 TO 03/0118 MAY 2023.

03/2324 MAY 2023 TO 04/0118 MAY 2023.

04/2324 MAY 2023 TO 05/0118 MAY 2023.

05/2324 MAY 2023 TO 06/0118 MAY 2023.

3. The U.S. Coast Guard is providing this notice to advise mariners of these hazardous areas identified by U.S. Space Force and/or a commercial space operation, which may impact navigation interests. Navigation hazards from rocket launch activities may include free falling debris and/or descending vehicles or vehicle components under various means of control. Mariners are urged to avoid waters within rocket flight trajectories/hazard areas during launch windows as detailed above.

4. For more information, mariners may contact the U.S. Space Force Launch Information hotline at 1-800-470-7232 or by visiting https://www.patrick.spaceforce.mil.

CANCEL AT//060518Z MAY 23//