FPSO with two new Liebherr offshore cranes

Out with the old, in with the new. The Compact Board Offshore cranes with their distinctive A-frame design have reached the end of their useful life after almost two decades in continuous operation. The cranes were commissioned in 2006. Since then, the two cranes from the CBO series have been providing service and are now replaced.

Liebherr was able to offer a convincing solution with the BOS series 2600 models. With a possible maximum reach of up to 60 metres and a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes, the BOS 2600 is suitable for dynamic lifting when servicing platforms, jack-up platforms or drilling rigs, for example, as well as for work on board. The BOS series is characterized by a modular design with standardised components for maximum reliability. These include the overload protection system (MOPS & AOPS) and Liebherr Litronic, the crane management system for highly efficient operation. “We always strive to meet our customer’s needs. We have been able in developing a customized solution that focuses on ease of maintenance without compromising on other aspects,” expresses Stefan Schneider, Global Application Manager General Purpose Offshore Cranes at Liebherr in Rostock.

Robust cranes for harsh offshore environments
The BOS 2600 series features many technical improvements. The crane has maximum stability and reliability thanks to the unique design. The slewing platform, which is the core element of the crane, contains the A-frame, the machine housing, the cabin, and the luffing winch. The machine housing is composed of durable steel parts and holds the components that are easy to access, such as the drive unit, the oil tank, and the control cabinets.

The focus of the completed project was on maximizing ease of maintenance. The northern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland is characterized by rough weather conditions, which can make maintenance work a challenge for the crew. High winds, corrosive seawater, and extreme temperatures make regular maintenance essential to prevent equipment failure, maximise efficiency, and ensure the safety of personnel.

Customised solutions enable greater ease of maintenance
In collaboration with the customer, additional technical innovations have been designed and implemented to make the cranes even easier to maintain in the future. If the main winch in the boom needs to be repaired or replaced, this is usually only possible by laboriously dismantling it into its individual parts. A drop hatch specially designed for the cranes makes this process much easier. The main winch is lowered to the deck level using a hatch and a new winch can be easily installed. This eliminates the need for time-consuming disassembly of the winch into its individual parts.

Walk-in facilities have been created that will simplify processes during operation. A platform has been installed in front of the cabin to make it easier to change the windscreen wipers. In addition, access is made possible by a staircase instead of ladders, which increases both the comfort and safety of the crane operator.

The successful completion of the project once again proved one of Liebherr’s core values – that Liebherr is a reliable partner. Erwin OBrien, Product Support Manager from Liebherr Canada, is satisfied: “The cooperation between Liebherr Canada and our colleagues in Germany to close the deal reflects the excellent collaboration. We can use our international presence to provide our customer with excellent solutions. Seamless communication, strong relationships within the Liebherr network, coupled with excellent customer service, are the key to providing the customer with an unforgettable customer experience.”