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Over the last 40 years, FTI Consulting has grown to become a market-leading global consulting firm that brings together distinct capabilities and experts to serve as the trusted advisor to clients when they are facing their greatest opportunities and challenges. Each practice is a leader in its own right, staffed with experts recognized for the depth of their knowledge and a track record of making an impact. Collectively, FTI Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across the business cycle—from proactive risk management to the ability to respond rapidly to unexpected crises and dynamic environments.

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How We Help

  1. Proactively identify and assess your organization’s risks

Design and implement a compliance program. If you need to develop, design, implement, or test your export controls and sanctions compliance programs to protect against regulatory and trade risks, we help with every step. We conduct risk assessments and gap analyses to develop practical solutions to meet the requirements of the laws affecting your business. Also, we create and deliver training for your organization where needed, in the format and language you require.
Assess potential hurdles in export transactions. Our team can efficiently assess your organization’s potential hurdles in export transactions, and evaluate alternatives, seek authorizations where needed, and identify exemptions, license exceptions, and general licenses or specific licensing provisions that may apply.
Implement independent monitoring and oversight. We have unparalleled experience working with companies that are under the intense scrutiny of government-mandated audits and monitorships. If you require it, we will serve as the independent monitor or consultant, reporting directly to the government agencies involved, or perform directed audits as an independent auditor. We can also support your executives as they work collaboratively with your appointed monitor or auditors to ensure all issues are remediated, and that a practical, sustainable, and effective compliance program is implemented.

2. Prepare for an investigation or respond to a crisis

Respond to allegations of noncompliance. Whether you need to conduct internal audits, internal investigations, or prepare disclosures for regulatory agencies, our team’s extensive experience includes both civil and criminal government-initiated inquiries, subpoenas, and investigations. Our clients rely on the collective power of our firm — digital forensics, forensic accounting, data analytics, technology, and white-collar defense. We assist with responding to allegations of regulatory transgressions and help conduct audits or tests of your controls to determine if they are functioning properly. If they are not, we help to plan and implement the full remediation effort required.
Manage compliance crisis challenges. When export controls- or sanctions-related crises arise that present significant reputational, financial, and operational risk to your organization, rely on FTI Consulting. Drawing upon decades of industry experience in regions across the globe, we know the right actions to take to manage export controls and sanctions crises. Because of our unique multidisciplinary approach, including our strategic communications team and international footprint, we’re able to provide a multipronged, regionally tailored response. You benefit from the collective advice of our export controls and sanctions experts, litigation consultants, strategic communications professionals, and on-the-ground government relations professionals.
Handle the most cutting-edge, complex areas. Our clients rely on us to manage the most difficult areas of export control and sanctions laws. These include emerging technologies, research and development, encryption, de minimis calculation analysis, deemed exports, blocking statute conflicts, secondary and sectoral sanctions, intra-company transfers, M&A compliance program due diligence and post-closing integration, and global supply chain restructuring.

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