Fuchs North America

Offering customers more than 125 years of innovation, Fuchs is a pioneer in providing efficient material handling solutions to the inland waterways and ports markets. Built on a modular frame concept, Fuchs purpose-built material handlers can be configured to meet the specific needs of the customer to complete the job more efficiently.

The port’s business has progressively evolved from simple handling sites to operating as processing units handling complex logistics services. Recognizing to this trend, Fuchs offers a broad range of flexible purpose-built, mobile and stationary material handlers to meet the demands of today’s ports business. Massive grabs, extended working radii at full load, and swift and precise hydraulic control make record loading and unloading times possible.

The new Fuchs® MHL370 F and MHL 390 F material handlers introduced in 2016 offer their port customers advanced machine options to slash load/unload times and drop demurrage costs. These handlers offer reaches from 55 to 78.7 ft. depending on the model, and hydraulically elevating and extending cabs to help with operator visibility and load handling efficiency. Cranked boom options allow these handlers to work right alongside the vessel sidewall closest to the dock. These machines, along with other Fuchs handlers, can be customized with tire, track or stationary undercarriages, diesel or electric power units, pylon risers and multiple attachments to fit specific application requirements.

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