GeoStabilization International

GeoStabilization International®‘s tools and techniques are uniquely suited for coastal and riparian zones. In extremely corrosive environments, launched fiberglass soil nails and fiberglass SuperNails can be used. These nails can be perforated to act as drains or pressure grouted with cementicious or non-cementicious materials to improve soil properties in the nail zone. Because our work typically is conducted from above, damage to sensitive areas can be avoided, and some regulatory permits may not be required.

Once the riparian or coastal area is stabilized, a variety of surface treatments can be installed, from sculpted and stained shotcrete to bioengineered facings.

These techniques also can be applied to levees and reservoir embankments. At most sites, our access will be from above with no impact to the coastal or riparian areas. However, our highly maneuverable and lightweight equipment allows us to navigate ocean, lake, or river only access sites using a variety of amphibious craft.

Whether you need immediate assistance with an emergency event or are looking to maintain your installed infrastructure, our expert team becomes an extension of your operational response, engineering department, and asset management staff. GeoStabilization creates value through innovative consultative, design-build expertise and project execution with the advantages of:

  • No cost, no obligation rapid site assessment (typically within 48 hours)
  • 24-Hour emergency response capability
  • In-House engineering staff to drive value-engineering with operational alignment
  • Highly qualified, skilled crews and proprietary limited-access equipment
  • Project management support to drive project planning, deliverables, the highest quality, rigorous safety standards, production, and budget controls
  • Unlocking design-build value with the proper degree of collaboration and transparency
  • Materials stockpiled nationwide
  • Multi-year performance warranty covers materials, installation, and overall system performance

We are the industry experts to rely on when traditional repair techniques aren’t feasible due to remote or difficult to access sites and environmentally sensitive surroundings. Our geotechnical engineers and experienced crews will utilize proprietary tools and techniques to ensure optimal repairs with minimal environmental impact.

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