Gladon Outdoors

Gladon Outdoors is pleased to introduce its Instant Repair Patch to Inland Rivers Ports & Terminals. Their Instant Repair Patch is a UV light activated, fiberglass reinforced, waterproof repair patch that bonds to virtually any hard surface, even rust. It is easy to use, and works ideally on fiberglass, PVC, metal, concrete, wood and more. This patch cures very quickly when exposed to UV light from the sun, or any UV flashlight. It can be sanded, drilled, and painted in less than 10 minutes. It offers a permanent solution to even the toughest jobs that require a fix. This patch is ideal for use on barge covers, shipping containers, trucks, trailers, rail cars, utilities, and more. It is self‐adhering, waterproof, UV resistant, freeze/thaw stable, and will not shrink.

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