Hannibal Queue Report 22 March @ 0700


Instead of blasting out multiple emails I am going to include the high water reminder in here. Please use the attached Link for the Pittsburgh District Gauges. Please start making crew and personnel aware now so we are prepared and not stuck scrambling to prepare when it happens!


Note: I have also asked the corps about the LPMS being down and have not received a response yet. I know a lot of you have asked about that, and I will get you the answer as soon as I receive one.

Unable to get Estimated Delay Time due to LPMS currently not operational.

3 Cuts Above

5 Cuts Below

Estimated Delay Time; 0 hrs. 0 mins.

For additional information please contact Matthew Edgar: Office: (740) 483-2305 Ext 7013, Cell: (412) 337-9590


Joseph W. Finney
WY-9 Lock & Dam Operator
Hannibal L/D
Phone: (740)-483-2305
Email: joseph.w.finney@usace.army.mil