Hawtex Development Corporation

Hawtex Development Corporation, a Texas corporation established in 1986, has more than 35 years of experience managing various real estate and business development projects in multiple States from Hawaii to Florida. Beginning in early 2017, the Company has been working with multiple interests both domestically and overseas in identifying strategic inland waterways locations to develop and advance the dedicated movement of containers for exports and imports from and to the Midwest via the Gulf of Mexico. To that end, Hawtex has partnered with American Patriot Holdings in their development of a state-of- the-art vessel (COV) specifically designed to transport 1500+ TEUs through the Mississippi River system while offering significant savings in shipping costs to domestic and foreign BCOs. In addition, Hawtex is preparing to launch a wholly-owned logistics division to be responsible for all aspects of enabling container movements by inland COVs through first-class commercial practices, including Sales and Marketing, Equipment and Asset Control, Customer Service, Information Technology, Accounting and Operations. At this time Hawtex is focused on and working with private port sites in St. Louis (Herculaneum, MO) and
Memphis in developing and constructing advanced intermodal Container Terminals as designed by Vickerman & Associates of Williamsburg, VA, with a targeted operational date of Q1-Q2 of 2025.

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Hawtex Development Corp.

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