HKD Blue

HKD Blue has manufactured durable, environmental, water-atomizing technology since 1985. Their dust suppression technology evolved from their parent company snowmaking business, HKD Snowmakers. HKD's equipment has been thoroughly tested in all conditions by customers worldwide. Their versatile, powerful machines are specifically designed to solve your dust suppression, odor control, and evaporation needs.

HKD Blue’s V-Flow Technology provides maximum versatility to improve water spray accuracy and efficiency for demolition, dry bulk handing, and smoke emissions control. The dynamic conditions of demolition sites, dry-bulk terminals, aggregate facilities, scrap yards, and recycling facilities require adjustable, user friendly atomized mist control.

HKD provides products such as V-400 Series, V-500 Series, Small Misters, Geyser, and Snowmakers.

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HKD Blue

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