Illinois River: ILR Buoy Tender update

ILR Buoy Tender update

Please see below for ILR buoy tender update...

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The latest update for ILR ATON service is still having GASCONADE come up from St Louis.  They should be pushing out later this week to head up, if everything goes well.

GASCONADE had a crane boom extension cylinder seal rupture which put them out of service for the last couple weeks.  The part has been fixed, new hydraulic hoses are being made and should be installed today.  After that, the crane will need to be weight tested and then the crew can finish loading ATON supplies for the trip.  I estimate that they will be getting underway later this week to head up the ILR.

SANGAMON had tech reps onboard yesterday for their #1 main engine to remove the reduction gear and replace the flywheel ring gear and starter.  After that is installed, they need to pour chockfast for the mounts which has like a 72 hour cure time.  I’m hopeful that project should be wrapped up at the end of this week or early next week.  The replacement crane jib cylinder arrived late last week and our contracting folks are working on getting the industrial production facility in St Louis to perform the replacement, that contract has not been finalized.  After that is finished, which could be a few more weeks, they will weight test the crane and be ready for service.


BOSN4 Rich Berg
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