Illinois Waterway 2023 Consolidated Maintenance Closures Update

Here is todays update.

Dear Illinois Waterway Stakeholders,

The Illinois Waterway will be open to pass navigation traffic by Sunday October 1st at 0600.

USACE crews have substantially completed work at Marseilles Lock. On Sunday, we pulled bulkheads and the chamber was rewatered. Electrical reconnections started yesterday.

Lower miter gate quoin repairs were completed by USACE crews at Brandon Road Lock over the weekend. Gates, sills, anchorages, and machinery installations have been completed by our contractor. Commissioning is ongoing this week. Bulkheads will be removed today, which will enable us to clear the chamber and complete commissioning.

Dresden Island Lock’s valves, gates, sill, anchorage and machinery adjustments have been ongoing through the weekend. Significant commissioning efforts will continue through this week, and we expect that there will be intermittent delays after reopening. These intermittent delays are likely to last for approximately two weeks, similar to the 2020 closures, as systems continue to be tested while traffic is passing through the lock. We do not anticipate that tow haulage units will be ready by this weekend, so helper boats will be required to pull cuts for several days after traffic starts passing. Additional updates and details will be coordinated later this week.

As we rapidly approach the finish line, we will continue to closely track all closure-critical activities and we will continue to provide timely updates.

Best regards,