Illinois Waterway Ice Conditions Update

Here is the latest update on the ice coupling restrictions on the ILR sent out by Doug Morgan


Rick Osborn
Port Captain
Magnolia Marine Transport

The below is signed from Douglas Morgan to Rick Osborne:


I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and grateful that it brought some warmer temperatures that alleviated many of the challenges that we were facing going into it. Currently ice is present at Marseilles and Peoria Locks in a very much reduced level than a couple weeks ago. Ice couplings will still be required at both sites with a note that the right descending floaters at Marseilles will still be tied up with the left side being put back in operation some time today. Starved Rock still has their floaters tied up and will update you with any plans to get those put back in service in the coming days if it is decided to do so.

All other sites are in a recommended ice coupling status however I will caution all mariners that if they come into the waterway without ice couplings and we get with an arctic blast forming ice rapidly, they could quickly find themselves shuffled to the end of the queues. In the presence of ice, we will need to service our customers who are prepared for any rapid changes in conditions to maintain efficiency and once no other boats are waiting we can then work on doubles without ice couplings. I urge all users to take this into consideration when building their tows for the IW.

Thank you,