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Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals recommends each transload facility (private and public) perform security risk assessments.

Offered through The Department of Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure (CISA) team of Protective Security Advisors (PSA), free security assessments are available upon request. The assessment includes 16 critical infrastructure sectors and corresponding sector-specific agencies.

More importantly, the assessment can help strengthen your port/terminal physical and cyber security to determine:

  • Cascading effects of port closures,
  • Regional resilience assessments,
  • Dependency/inter-dependency analysis,
  • Emergency support functions
  • And much more.

The final report of recommendations is protected information between the advisor and the stakeholder and is NOT subject to Freedom of Information Act, State and local sunshine laws, civil litigation proceedings or regulatory usage.

The findings can also be used to support a port security grant application to secure funding.