Inland Marine Port Manager

Due to COVID-19, the International Association of Maritime Port Executives (IAMPE) has announced that they will be running two courses over Zoom in 2020. The Inland Maritime Port Manager course will run from 17-20 August 2020, and a Maritime Port Manager course will run 21-24 September.

Each course will be held in four, half-day segments.  Each day will be broken into two, 60- to 90-minute sections, with a break in between. Courses will be interactive, with students participating to integrate material covered during the instructor presentation.

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Each course is $1,100 and IRPT Members will receive a 10% discount.

The Inland Maritime Port Manager and Executive (IMPM-IMPE) seminar is the premier professional development program for brown water port executives. The IMPM-IMPE program is the first of its kind program specifically designed around the needs and demands of river ports. The IMPE is based on the Maritime Port Management and Executive program which is tailored toward coastal ports. The IMPE program has been developed in conjunction with Inland Rivers, Ports, and Terminals (IRPT) and their Education Committee.


The Inland Marine Port Manager covers:
1. International Transportation System, Modes and Logistics
2. Worldwide Port Industry and Maritime Industry Trends
a. The Inland River System
3. Terminology
4. Public Port Governance Structures and Management
5. Port and Terminal Administration and Finance
6. Intermodal Marine and Cargo Facilities
7. Port and Intermodal Terminal Operations
8. International and National Regulatory Requirements
9. Port & Terminal Safety, Security and Emergency Planning


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