IRCA: Brandon Road FULL Closure 8/15/2022

IRCA Fwd: Brandon Road FULL Closure 8/15/2022

Please see below and plan accordingly. Currently, there are 18 vessels in queue at Brandon Road Lock.  To help ensure efficient lockages and do our best to clear the queue prior to the full closure beginning at 0700 on Monday (8/15), please remind your Mariners to stand a vigilant radio watch and be ready to proceed to the lock when instructed.

As always, I will forward updates and information as received.

Be safe,

Jeremy Tardy
Co-Founder & President
Reliant Maritime Solutions
Mobile: 270.933.8056


I have spoken with the Corps on multiple occasions and again this evening.

Given the nature of the contract and scope of work, there will not be any additional openings prior to the full closure on Monday the 15th at 0700.

I will say that this closure has been planned for over a year and the queue has been managed very well, up until these final 72 hours.

I know this information will disappoint industry, but we are locked into the full closure starting Monday.

Industry should be aware that arriving prior to the final hour will not ensure a lockage. Companies should review the queues and make reasonable decisions for their vessels and equipment.

Mike Blaske