IRPT Congratulates Accredited Marine Port Executives

Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals (IRPT) congratulates our Members as part of the Accredited Marine Port Executives (AMPE) Class of 2018, Gold Standard for Port Executive Professional Certification.

Paul Aucoin-AMPE, Port of South Louisiana;
Dale Hymel-AMPE, Port of South Louisiana;
Susan Taylor-AMPE, Port of St. Louis (MO) Authority;
Crystal Hutchinson-AMPE, Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority.

The Accredited Marine Port Executive (AMPE) certification is the highest level of professional certification offered. This advanced certification is designed to be the gold standard for professional education and certification in the international maritime and port industry and mirrors professional certifications issued in various other industrial disciplines.

The Maritime Port Management ™, Maritime Port Executive ™, Inland Port Manager/Executive ™, Accredited Marine Port Executive ™ programs and all associated training, education and research materials are a Trademarked and are copyrighted by the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives for specific use in the professional development of individual maritime and seaport managers and executives. The IAMPE reserves the right to license this and other associated programs to public and private organizations and associations by agreement.

The next class of the Inland Port Manager/Executive will be held November 5-9 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Cut off for Vicksburg registration is Friday October 26th, 4 pm CST.  You can take the program in 2 parts, part 1 (2 days) first, part 2 (2.5 days) next year. The Association may cancel the class if minimal paid registrations are not received. If cancelled, registered participants will be notified 1 week in advance of seminar start date (Oct 29 for Vicksburg).

The Inland Marine Port Manager and Executive (IMPM-IMPE) seminar is the premier professional development program for brown water port executives. The IMPM-IMPE program is the first of its kind program specifically designed around the needs and demands of river ports. The IMPE is based on the Maritime Port Management and Executive program which is tailored toward coastal ports. The IMPE program has been developed in conjunction with Inland Rivers, Ports, and Terminals (IRPT) and their Education Committee.

To register for seminars, or additional information contact: