IRPT Introduces 2021-2022 Directors

Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals held its 2021 General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, October 19th at which time, the members present, elected their directors for the upcoming year. We are pleased to introduce you to the 2021-2022 Officers and Directors of the Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals (IRPT):



Chairwoman of the Board: Cindy Cutrera, Morgan City Harbor & Terminal, LA

President: Anthony Gex, River Bend Brokerage, OH

1st Vice President: Robert Maxwell, Rosedale-Bolivar County Port, MS

2nd Vice President: Lucy Fletcher, AGRIServices of Brunswick, MO

Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Kearns, Jones Walker LLP, LA



Arkansas- White- Red- Ouachita Basin

Eric Gilmore, Red River Waterway Commission, LA

Cassandra Caldwell, Arkansas Waterways Commission, AR

Fred Long- Logistic Services, Inc, AR

Kimbra Scott, Arkansas-Oklahoma Port and Operators Association, OK


Gulf and Gulf Intracoastal Basin

Molly Bourgoyne, Louisiana DOTD, LA

Blaine LaFontaine, Port Bienville, MS

Sean Stibich, Port of Victoria, TX


Illinois River Basin

Matthew Hogan, J.F. Brennan Company, WI

Bill Stahlman, Illinois Ports Association, IL

Pete Colangelo, Middle River Marine, IL

Bob Howard, Chicago and Western Lakes Ports Council, IL


Southeast Rivers Basin

Grady Coble, Parker Towing Company, AL

Dan Benken, Parker Towing Company, AL


Upper Mississippi River Basin

Dave Riggs, Watco Transloading, LLC, MO

Mandi Brink, Missouri Port Authority Association, MO

Susan Taylor, St. Louis Development Corporation, MO

Dennis Wilmsmeyer, America’s Central Port, IL


Lower Mississippi River Basin

Henry Phillips, Rosedale-Bolivar County Port, MS

Timmie Lynn Hunter, New Madrid County Port, MO

Randy Richardson, Port of Memphis, TN

Allen Evans, Yellow Bend Port Authority, AR


Missouri River Basin

Kevin Keller, HDR, MO

Robert Brand, J.F. Brennan Company, WI

Mark Coulter, Port KC, MO

Karl Berthelot, Brennan Marine, WI


Ohio River Basin

Jeff Stewart, Cincinnati Barge & Rail Terminal, OH

Meg Wood, Superior Marine Ways, OH

Vanta Coda II, Ports of Indiana, IN

Greg Pritchett, Henderson County Riverport Authority, KY


International/Multi-State Basin

Carl McNabb, PND Engineers, WA

Greg Kelahan, Hanson Professional Services, MO

Tom Fuhrhop, Environmental Restoration, MO

Larry Kelhoffer, F & M Mafco, OH

Joe Celano, Trabus Technologies, CA

Sean Anderson, Marine Solutions, KY


Great Lakes Basin

Adam Tindall-Schlicht, Port of Milwaukee, WI

Sean Tenerelli, Superior – Lidgerwood – Mundy, WI


Please watch for announcements from IRPT pertaining to your upcoming basin meetings!