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Professional Services Directory - Barge Providers

Name Company Email
David Evans American Commercial Barge Line
George Piccioni American Commercial Barge Line
Amber Watters Campbell Transportation Company
Rodney Green Ceres Barge Line
Mark Fletcher Ceres Consulting
Brent Gaines Heartland Companies, Inc.
Brian Muller Heartland Companies, Inc.
Thomas Kinard Ingram Barge
Chuck Arnold Ingram Barge
Perry Russell JanTran Towing
Kevin Minnick Marquette Transportation
Brian Rafferty Marquette Transportation
Les Koenning Osprey Line LLC
John Hallmark Osprey Line LLC
Will Sledge Parker Towing, AL
Grady Coble Parker Towing, AL
Dan Benken Parker Towing, AL
Leif Lacey Parker Towing, AL
Rick Barbee SCF Marine, IL & MO
Tom Horgan SCF Marine, IL & MO
Pete Ciaramitaro Southern Towing Company
Jamie Bigbie Southern Towing Company
Neil Martin Terral River Service, LA


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IRPT Professional Services Directory 

IRPT Professional Services Directory