Joint CISA and Cyber Safety Video Series

Joint CISA and Cyber Safety Video Series


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and CYBER.ORG jointly announced a cyber safety video series to help those learning or working online take proactive steps to protect themselves and their business.

CYBER.ORG is a cybersecurity workforce development organization that targets K-12 students with cyber career awareness, curricular resources, and teacher professional development. However, the cyber safety video series aims to deliver relevant cybersecurity topics in a series of short videos that are appropriate for all citizens, not just K-12 educational institutions.

The video series currently includes five videos that provide easy to understand cybersecurity concepts, with more videos to be released in the coming months. In conjunction with CISA’s ransomware awareness campaign, the newest addition to this series provides tips to avoid becoming a victim of a ransomware attack.

Each video is under three minutes and presented in an animated format that invites observers to compare their own practices to those of the characters in the video. In the videos, viewers are encouraged to embrace behaviors that are safe, secure and that can best protect their privacy. Each video comes with a fact sheet of highlights and conversation-starters that can be used or distributed in meetings or classes.

The CISA and CYBER.ORG joint cyber safety video series is located here. We encourage you to forward this information to your partners or members.


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