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We Cut Steel, Not Corners

Here at JPM, we help with your bulk material storage needs. We design, fabricate, and install custom tension fabric storage buildings for farms, fisheries, railroads, ports, airports, municipalities, and city & state governments. We can also maintain and repair existing tension buildings. We are based in Northwest Arkansas and service the continental United States.

Fabric tension buildings are a cost-effective option for storage of dry bulk materials and equipment such as grain, sand, hay, salt, tools, and maintenance equipment. Tension storage offers a semi to permanent option storage building option. Fabric tension buildings are durable and tough enough to make it through all seasons including extreme temperatures.

Fabric storage buildings are a high quality alternative to a traditional storage building made of steel or brick. Fabric buildings are more practical than metal buildings or steel buildings because of their lower prices, easy installation, and relocation abilities.

We stand by our work - JPM Fabrication offer a 25 year warranty on the buildings we fabricate and install. For the first two years (2), maintenance is included in the purchase price!

JPM Steel

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