Kansas City – River Operations Update – 11 Oct 2022

  1. River forecast – Rain of 1-2” is forecasted for early part of this week in the Lower Missouri Basin, based on NOAA QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast). Dry conditions dominate and there will be little to no impact to river levels. Approximate flows downstream of KC are;
    • KC – 37,800 cfs
    • Waverly – 39,100 cfs
    • Glasgow – 38,000 cfs
    • Boonville – 38,800 cfs
    • Hermann – 40,300 cfs
  2. Survey
    • Rock Island crew is back to assist this week and they are scheduled to survey AOCs at RM 108.4–108.8, 113.8-114.8, 136-137, 177.8-178.8, 182.5-183.5. Glasgow crew will be laying out for contractors and performing some hydro surveys of RM 193.5-194.5, 213.7-214.8, 216.8-217.8. Napoleon crew will be working the lower river focused on RM 8.3-9.3, 9.8-10.8, 11-12, 23-23.5, 40-41.5, 48.3-48.7, 56-57, 60-61. Crews will work to adjust schedule to provide most current data before tows arrive at areas with past issues.
    • Links to surveys are now being sent with boat report, instead of actual survey files. This change is due to feed back that the number of surveys on boat reports were difficult to load and hard to track. Surveys are being organized by recent surveys, then filed by river reach and year to make them easier to locate. All surveys can be found at https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Navigation/Surveys/ .
    • Adjustments to data on surveys is also being made. Selected GPS points are being added based on survey information, and a new color scale for depths are being tested.
  3. Channel Inspector
    • Channel recon inspection is being conducted this week. Recon team put in at Hermann (RM98) and traveled down to RM 40. Oct 18 recon will cover RM 0 – 40. Oct 19 recon will cover RM 98 – up as far as they can. Oct 20 recon will continue up river. Recon crew will be in contact with survey teams to identify any areas not on the list which need to be surveyed.
    • Started a text group of boats working navigating river. The purpose is to have boats text the group the lines they used to transit areas. The Corps will also us data to help place GPS points on surveys, and better define range of area to be surveyed.
  4. Maintenance
    • Newt Marine has 3 floating plants working on structures:
      • i. Plant #1 working RM 69-70, currently on structure 78.1 and 73.5.
      • ii. Plant #2 and #3 working RM200 – 220, currently at RM 219 working on structure 231.45 and 231.5 (sharing a dock barge)
    • Midwest - Awarded new contract from RM 140-260, not planning to being work until spring.
    • RM 0-140 – Michels awarded contract, intend to begin work in the Spring.
    • WA Ellis – Awarded new contract from RM 360-498. Pre-con meeting held, gradation test at the Whetstone quarry last week, anticipate beginning work this week or next between RM 420 - 440.
    • NWK Floating Plant – Completed structure 111.0 at RM 105 on 12-Oct. Now setting up to work structure 111.65.

5. New Contracts

    • RM 260-360 – Offers Due 18 Oct 2022

6. Bridge work

    • Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – No Change.
    • Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change

7. Kansas City Operations Project          Manager (OPM)

    • Mitch Roberts is now OPM for the Missouri River Project. You can be reach him at Mitchell.W.Roberts@usace.army.mil and 816-389-3100.
    • J Rudy is with the Missouri River Restoration Team, just moving focus to the new construction projects.

Next update Monday 24 Oct.


Mitch Roberts
Missouri River Operations Project Manager
U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District
O: 816-389-3100
C: 816-316-6069