Kansas City: River Operations (update)

Bridge work RM 395.4 - Harry S Truman Railroad Bridge – Starting 15 Aug through 19 Aug bridge maintenance will be underway. The maintenance will close the river channel from 0500 to 1000 each day.
Missouri Reservoirs – July 1 system check - Gavins Point Dam releases will be set to provide navigation flow support at a level 500 cfs above minimum-service at all four target locations (Sioux City, Omaha, Nebraska City, and Kansas City). Flow targets may be missed to conserve water if there is no commercial navigation in a given reach. The navigation flow support season will be 3 days less than the normal 8-month season.
River forecast – Rain is returning to forecast. With Missouri forecast to see between 1 – 3 inches over next 3 days. Impact on river levels will depend on how fast rain falls. Dry conditions will minimize runoff and impact to river levels. Approximate flows downstream of KC are;
KC – 36 kcfs
Waverly – 35.7 kcfs
Glasgow – 34.5 kcfs
Boonville – 39.5 kcfs
Hermann – 41.3 kcfs
Survey – Survey crews are working lower end of river, concentrating on identified shoaling areas reported.
Channel Inspector – Completed run last week, provided results to survey team and comms team to address and pass along findings. A supplement will be sent later this wee with overview of results.
Maintenance – Most crews are reducing work days to account for racers.
Newt Marine
i. RM 40-60 work continues in area.

ii. Loading out of Jefferson City and work RM120 – 140 reach.

iii. RM 366 Obstruction removal – Work is complete and contractor is preparing to move downstream and resume structure maintenance.

Midwest – Placing rock on lower Tadpole Chute Flow control structure. Bank paving also continues downstream of structure. Work is nearing completion
WA Ellis – Underway loading rock upstream of Kansas City Area and working structures in 400-420 reach.
NWK Floating Plant – Is moving downstream toward Jeff City, doing select maintenance, and preparing for this week’s partners event that will go from Boonville to RM 179.5
New Contracts
a. Cora Island – bids have been received, contracting is reviewing required documents and preparing to issue Notice to Proceed.

b. RM 140 – 160 - bids have been received, contracting is reviewing required documents and preparing to issue Notice to Proceed.

c. Contracts for three more river reaches are schedule to be advertised in Aug.

i. RM 360-498

ii. RM 0-140

iii. RM 160-260

Bridge work
Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – No Change.
Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change

Next update Monday 22 August.




J Rudy