Kansas City – River Operations Update – 21 June 2022

Kansas City - River Operations Update - 21 June 2022

1. Missouri Reservoirs – July 1 system check will set service levels and duration for rest of navigation support. Current estimates are for minimum service to continue and a navigation flow support ending mid Nov.

2. Survey – Working areas near KC identified by channel recon that maybe similar rock found at RM 418. These include RM 396.6, 375.85, 361.25, 349.05

3. Channel Inspector – Completed recon from KC to Rulo NE, specifically looking for areas that may need buoys should water levels recede as July approaches. Will continue to work downstream.

4. Maintenance
a. Newt Marine
i. RM 20 – 40. Continues work in area.
ii. Loading out of Jefferson City and work RM120 – 140 reach.
iii. RM 366 Obstruction removal – work underway and proceeding well. Work started on up stream end and is working downstream.
b. ACG – Will continue to work on new flow control structure at Cranberry Bend RM 282, as river levels allow. Only remaining work is topping off flow   control structure and cleaning up site.
c. Midwest – Placing rock on lower Tadpole Chute Flow control structure. Bank paving also continues downstream of structure.
d. WA Ellis – Underway loading rock in Kansas City Area and working structures in 320-340 reach.
e. NWK Floating Plant – Loading out of Lexington, MO and working near RM 280 Cranberry Bend. It is anticipated they will be working this location for about 6 weeks.

5. Bridge work
a. Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – Scheduled river closure for 24 June to place concrete on pier. Work will allow some traffic by based on delivery and phasing. Alternate date is 25 June. POC for navigators coordination has been sent out by USCG. If need Grant Ellis can also be contacted, 816-240-8131.
b. Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change

Next update Tuesday 27 June.

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