Kansas City-River Operations Update

  1. River forecast – No significant rain is this week’s forecast based on NOAA QPF. Dry conditions dominate and impact to river levels. Approximate flows downstream of KC are;
    a. KC – 38.5 kcfs
    b. Waverly – 40 kcfs
    c. Glasgow – 42 kcfs
    d. Boonville – 45.6 kcfs
    e. Hermann – 45.2 kcfs
  2. Survey – Survey crews are working lower end of river, concentrating on identified shoaling areas reported, RM 108 and 48, and then will be working areas identified by recent Recon Run.
  3. Channel Inspector – Comments and concerns are being placed into AOC data base. The full list will come out with monthly AOC update. The three biggest concerns are RM 108, 60 and 48.
  4. Maintenance
    a. Newt Marine
    i. RM 40-60 work continues in area.

ii. Loading out of Jefferson City and work RM200 - 220 reach.

  1. Midwest
    i. Tadpole Chute Flow control structure placing rock. Bank paving also continues downstream of structure.

ii. Awarded new contract from RM 140-260

2. WA Ellis – Underway loading rock upstream of Kansas City Area and working structures in 460-498 reach. Nearing completion of their contracts.
3. NWK Floating Plant – Is moving downstream toward Jeff City, doing select maintenance at RM 108.
5. New Contracts
a. RM 360-498

b. RM 0-140

c. RM 160-260

6. Bridge work
1. Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – No Change.
2. Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change

Next update Monday 29 August.




J Rudy