Krech Ojard and Associates

Krech Ojard's Marine Group provides services for the design and rehabilitation of marine port facilities and waterfront infrastructure both above and below water. Our certified, commercially-trained divers are also licensed, practicing structural engineers with experience in salt and fresh water environments. Combining Krech Ojard's Marine Group's unique marine skills, tools, and experience together with engineering fields such as Krech Ojard's mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, and rail engineers creates an advanced team of professionals capable of assessing, designing, rehabilitating, or expanding any port facility.

Krech Ojard's Engineering & Architecture professionals provide full range design and construction management services for municipal and private transportation and utility projects. With a staff possessing proficient experience in the fields of civil, rail, and marine engineering, we are positioned to offer the range of services typical of larger firms, while retaining the individual, client-oriented focus typical of much smaller firms.

Please learn more here or contact IRPT Member:

Lauran Larson, P.E., Group Manager of Marine Services
101 Putnam Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 577-4071

David Franseen, P.E., Director of Structural and Architecture Services
227 W 1st Street, Suite 500
Duluth, MN 55802