Laborer Operator (Stockton, CA)


The General Laborer position(s) assist with the daily operational within the manufacturing of railroad materials. This position works with multiple work groups within a shop setting to complete various tasks such as lifting materials, preparing materials, operating forklifts, basic inventory functions, moving materials from different station points to become a finished product, using manual tools and other equipment. This position multitasks, collaborates with others, communicates with other work groups, and assists in projects as needed throughout the shop and yard setting.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Work with teams to complete various tasks within the creation of railroad materials

· Move materials or prepare materials for delivery within shop or yard setting

· Unloads materials that are delivered such as lumber or bags of cement, and distributes them to appropriate location as identified by supervisor, project plans, or specifications.

· Utilize manual tools and equipment as needed

· Maintain inventory of materials to each workstation within the shop, which may include raw materials, removal of debris, pieces of rail, heavy materials, loaded or unloaded bags, sand, and other assorted materials needed within or around the shop

· Assist in various maintenance or other general tasks within shop and yard as needed or required by the foreman

· Continue to keep production within the shop moving 24 hours a week (Monday-Friday)



· Ability to listen to, understand, and follow directions

· Ability to remain flexible as specific assignments change

· Ability to perform basic arithmetic as needed to count and take inventory

· Experience using a tape measure

· Experience communicating with others within a team setting

· Experience in labor within a heavy industry

· Experience using hand tools, power tools, grinders, etc.

· Experience with forklifts or backhoes

· Licenses in Driving/ Operation trucks (light or heavy) or OSHA knowledge / certifications

· Must have physical strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, and stamina necessary to complete jobs in various areas.

· Must be able to lift and carry up to 80 pounds and push and/or pull 50-pound loads at a time.

· Must be able to work in all weather conditions.

· Must be able to stand and walk up to eight hours per day and climb multiple sets of stairs while carrying materials weighing between 40 and 60 pounds.

· Must be able to work any shift, when needed.

· GED / High School Diploma

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