LOCK RESTRICTION Lock and Dam 4, UMR Mile 752.8

Notice Number: 206354/UMR 24-02
Date: 03/15/2024 19:31 thru UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Be advised to assist navigation during construction of the lower guide wall end cell, there is contractor-provided helper boat. The helper boat shall be alongside tows entering and exiting the lock and when passing construction areas and shall offer any other assistance to navigation as necessary. All tows transiting the lock use channel 14 to contact the helper vessel.

Construction required removal of the last pin (button) on the lower guide wall. Use of adjacent pins may be necessary based on tow configuration.

Mariners should be alert for and abide by instructions from the Lockmaster. Please contact the lock at (651) 290-5951 or on channel 14 for assistance.

Samuel E. Mathiowetz
Chief, Lock and Dams


Mathiowetz, Samuel E