Lock Restrictions & Closure: Lock and Dam No.21, UMR Mile 324.9

Notice Number: 201530/ MR 22-201530
Date: 12/23/2022 06:00 thru 03/02/2023 13:00

Lock 21 will be closed to all navigation from 0700 hours on Thursday January 12, 2023 until 1300 hours on Thursday March 2, 2023.

Lock 21 will be under navigation restrictions beginning on December 23, 2022. These restrictions will be in place until the closure of the lock. Navigation traffic will not be allowed to lock from 0600 hours to 1700 hours, 7 days a week during the restriction period. Navigation traffic will also be limited to a width restriction of 70 feet wide during this period. Mariners need to be aware of various floating plant in the vicinity of the lock. The Lockmaster MAY grant a lockage during this part of the restriction period, however, a request must occur in enough in advance for proper coordination with the contractor’s work schedule which will take precedence.

Navigation traffic will be allowed to lock from 1700 to 0600 daily during the restriction period.

The upper and lower guidewalls will not be available for breaking/making tows. Lines will need to be caught on the I-Wall side of the lock unless approved otherwise by the Lockmaster.

The tow haulage units will not be operable during this time, which will prohibit double lockages upstream and downstream utilizing the tow haulage unit equipment. Tows can still transit the lock with a double, as long as they have either a tug assist or industry self-help pulling cuts out of the lock chamber. Tows will have to transit and stage barges at above mile marker 326 northbound or below mile marker 324 southbound to reconfigure tows.

The purpose of the restrictions and closure is to replace land wall concrete, replace the kevel rail, and conduct lock wall joint repairs. All work will be performed by a contractor.

All navigation interest should be alert for, and abide by, any special instructions that may be issued by the Lockmaster. Towboat operators are requested NOT to tie up on the guide walls during these closure periods. Please contact the lock at 217-222-0918 or on channel 14 for assistance.


Robert V. Castro, P.E.
Chief, Lock and Dam Section
Mississippi River Project