Logistics Services Inc.: Safety Superintendent (Little Rock, AR)

Logistics Services Inc. is accepting applications for a Safety Superintendent (Little Rock, AR)

With marine terminal operations in more than 200 locations around the world, SSA Marine is unmatched in skill, experience and productivity. It all begins with our greatest assets: our employees. We invest in our people and offer career opportunities with global impact. In turn, our customers reap the benefits of a highly productive and engaged workforce that consistently delivers with the greatest care and efficiency. Our current opportunities include the following positions: 

Safety Superintendent (Little Rock, AR)


The Safety Superintendent monitors and ensures compliance with all Environmental rules and Health and Safety rules and guidelines throughout all of the worksites.  This position is part of the operations management team serving as the lead auditor, monitor and trainer for compliance among employees providing corrective action and retraining as necessary.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Regularly reviews applicable OSHA, DOT, EPA and ADEQ standards to ensure familiarity and stays abreast of any changes in regulatory language or enforcement actions.
  • Provides or arranges all necessary training for employee Health and Safety Plan compliance and manages the recordkeeping.
  • Coordinates with management Quarterly Safety Meetings providing topics for discussion and recapping any accidents, injuries, near misses, incidents, or property damage,
  • Regularly inspects workplaces and documents inspections as required under OSHA and USCG regulations.
  • Regularly inspects workplaces and documents inspections as required under the stormwater (SWPPP) plans and collects samples as required under the permits.
  • Ensures collected stormwater samples are preserved as required, transported to the lab for analyses, and results documented and reported to ADEQ as required under the permits.
  • Provides assistance and feedback to staff regarding all Health and Safety issues and participates in any accident/incident investigation.
  • Assists management in Job Hazard Analysis – identifying and documenting risks associated with the various job assignments in all operations.
  • Regularly prepares and updates lists of chemicals present in the various workplace and ensures that copies of corresponding Safety Data Sheets are available under the Employees’ Right to Know law and that no new chemicals have been introduced into the workplace with the knowledge and approval of management.
  • Annually reviews and updates the Health and Safety Plan, Control of Hazardous Energy Plan, Bloodborne Pathogens Plan, and HazCom Plan and ensures that all affected employees are identified and properly trained.
  • Assists as necessary with other required tasks in order to complete operations within their scheduled time frame.
  • Works closely with Management to identify and minimize hazardous present in the workplace or that may be introduced into the workplace as a result of changes in people, equipment, or processes.
  • Plans, holds and documents daily safety meetings; monitoring and assisting workers in adherence to safety procedures while implementing plans to address any safety hazards.
  • Ensures that all PPE is worn at all times and distributed for jobs that require additional PPE.
  • Enforces and follows plans, requirements and orders.
  • Responsible for investigation and reporting damages and liabilities to the appropriate management and authorities.
  • Responsible for maintain clear and open lines of communication with customers, vendors, and employees to ensure that the needs of each are addressed and handled in a professional manner.
  • Ensures that all employees follow the company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Manual.
  • Other duties as required


  • Ability to manage a large, complex and diverse workforce in a fast paced environment.
  • Requires problem solving skills to respond quickly and effectively to operational issues.
  • Requires the ability to plan and organize projects in a fast paced environment and be available to work varied hours, shifts and days.
  • Requires the ability to communicate effectively with workforce, customers, third part employees and other staff.
  • Ability to explain, express, define and give examples of ideas and operations.


  • High school diploma or equivalent work experience
  • Valid First Aid and CPR certification required
  • Must have valid DL
  • Thorough knowledge of OSHA regulations and compliance, Health and Safety, and accident prevention
  • Proven leadership skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of long shoring, warehousing and trucking operations strongly desired
  • Required to observe all safety and health requirements for the workplace.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Yes - Company labor and third party employees

Work environment:

  • Must be able to work in rotating shifts, days, evenings and nights at multiple terminals
  • Must be able to work in extreme outdoor temperatures of hot and cold, extremely dusty conditions and occasionally, conditions of high levels of noise.
  • The ability to work in an environment that may be hazardous to persons unable to see and hear fast moving equipment
  • The ability to drive 10%

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