LOMRC Call at 1400 06/15/2023

We will have a LOMRC call (Low-Water) @ 1400 06/15/2023


Call in info (or there is a virtual option on the invite)....


Call in number: 213-357-2933

Access Code: 811 272 676 #




Report from LMRFC (sent via email prior to the call and someone will be on from LMRFC to answer questions from the group).


Weather outlook/ River stage with 7 and 14 day forecast.






Baton Rouge

New Orleans



Sector Ohio Valley- General low-water update and cutter Chena status.


MSU Paducah- General low-water update. 


Sector Lower Miss- General low-water update and LMR cutter status. Mem at -4.0?? and falling.


MSU Baton Rouge- General update. BR is at 10.0 and falling slow.



Sector New Orleans/ NOLA VTSGeneral update.


USACOE Memphis district-  General update and discussion on possible dredging ops. Jadwin departing the gulf this evening for either Redman Bar, Laconia or Tarpley??


USACOE Vicksburg district- General update and discussion on possible dredging ops.


Open discussion