Low Flows at Pickwick Locks Tennessee River Mile 206.7

Notice Number:23-44
Date: 10/26/2023

Due to the low river flows and Kentucky being a winter pool, until further notice, the tailwater at Pickwick Dam on Tennessee River mile 206.7 is dropping below minimum elevation of 355 when TVA is generating only one unit overnight. The River Forecast Center plans to provide a minimum of two units during the day, but overnight will reduce river flow to one unit, which may reduce the tailwater to an approximate 354.8. If increased overnight flows are needed for tows to transit this area, please notify the Lock so they can request a flow increase through the TVA River Forecast Center.

From TRM201 to 206.7 this part of the TN river has a prepared navigation channel and mariners should use caution during this time while transiting this area of the river.


Megan Simpson
Chief, Navigation Branch