Lower Ohio River – updated survey and water depth calculator

A few key notes:

  • Mile 969 is in-progress with dredging, expected to finish tonight (19 October)
    Mile 970 is the next spot we’re dredging, starting 20 October
  • We added blue lines on the drawing to show the width of the 300’ channel
  • We added virtual buoys to the drawing to help see where those are being broadcast
    The virtual red buoy at Mile 973.3 has been moved closer to the sailing line because shoaling is getting worse there
  • The physical green buoy at Mile 974.5 was pulled in closer to the sailing line today

2022-10-20 Survey - Water Depth Calculator

OH_LD_CAI_20221020_CS_965_976_SORT_Channel Limits_AIS Buoys


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